Customized Wellness Programs

Improve Your Health ~ Lose Weight ~ Gain Energy

Helping you feel great through customized weight management solutions and disease state management

  • Do you have diabetes, cardiovascular or weight management issues?
  • Are you lacking energy, motivation and self-esteem?
  • Are you starting to get worried about your health?
  • And are you scared to find out (and come to grips with) how bad it might really be?

There may be other triggers, even emotional, causing further health problems. You’re in a cycle of living that’s creating some deep health issues. But it seems too big and too daunting to do anything about.

Plus, you’ve tried to get your health in check before. But it didn’t last. You tried every new fad diet that crossed your path. You’ve been a yo-yo dieter. And you’ve been to the disease state management classes before.

But it didn’t stick. You wound up back in the same place, with no lasting improvement, and no true understanding.

Well, you’re definitely not alone. Millions of Americans are dealing with some of the same exact concerns. At no other time in our country’s history has the population been so depressed, overweight and chronically ill.

And I personally know how you feel. After the birth of my second son, my weight continued to pile on. Even with my knowledge and expertise, that still wasn’t enough. I reached out for support and that made all the difference. And it can make all the difference for you.

Sickness and hospital stays doesn’t have to be your life. Your future can be very different.

You can:

  • Have energy all throughout the day
  • Expect improved test results (cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure)
  • Have new healthy habits you enjoy
  • Be proud of the healthy lifestyle you’re modeling for your family
  • Feel good about yourself, with a whole new level of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Be empowered and equipped with the knowledge, tools and support to not slip back into past unhealthy habits
  • Feel like a new and improved version of yourself

But you might be wondering how this is possible, when making health changes hasn’t worked in the past.

Health and lifestyle changes are generally too difficult to do alone. There’s a whole emotional component that’s involved. Information and “knowing what to do” isn’t enough. It needs to go much deeper and further than that.

And I’d love to be that person who inspires, encourages and walks alongside you to make these positive changes, once and for all.

Think of me as a blend of a health coach, a degreed-Pharmacist, a counselor, a friend and your #1 health advocate. I won’t be giving you the same old advice and telling you to just go to the gym more and stop eating out. Instead, we’re going to create a plan that’s specifically built for you. We’re going to get to the root emotional triggers that directed you down an unhealthy path in the past. And we’ll arm you with the tools and ammunition to work through them and move forward. Not just now…..but for your entire bright future.

Now’s the time.dcz_business_person_and_client_handshaking1

I work with just a handful of clients at a time, so they get my dedicated time and attention. I walk them through a proven process to get them the results they’re hungriest for, in the quickest, easiest way.

For significant, lasting changes (once and for all!) it takes working one-on-one for 3- 6 months.

Example of a 6 month program:

During the first two months, we’ll meet (or talk over skype) for an hour each week. We’ll assess your current health metrics, so we can measure your progress during our time together. We’ll get a crystal clear picture of where you want to be health wise and we’ll create a plan to get you there. I’ll support you through a number of healthy lifestyle changes, bit by bit. You’ll be armed with the knowledge to make better choices. We’ll dig deep and uncover the real reasons and emotional triggers that have been unconsciously (or consciously) keeping you stuck and unhealthy.

During the 3rd and 4th months, we’ll talk every other week for an hour. We’ll continue to fine-tune your new healthy lifestyle, identify solutions to any obstacles you’ve encountered (i.e. staying healthy on the road; what to do when you’re family isn’t embracing the same healthy lifestyle; how to cook and plan healthy meals for the week when you’re super busy; etc.) And we’ll make any slight adjustments, in order for you to hit your health goals.

During the last two months, we’ll be more in the maintenance phase and we’ll talk once a month for an hour. This is a critical phase, as we’ll focus on lasting improvement and how to keep your phenomenal progress moving forward.

For 6 months, you’ll have my personal commitment, support and dedication along the way. I personally won’t be satisfied until you’ve experienced significant health improvement and lasting change. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way and I’ll be checking in and available during the entire 6 months and in-between our meetings.

Let’s get started!

Let’s talk first. Let’s see what your specific health challenges and concerns are and let’s make sure we’re a great fit! Click here, so we can chat.