Optimize Results with Rodan + Fields Enhancements

Rodan + Fields enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion PasteExfoliation is like spring cleaning (regularly) for your skin- kicking out the old cells to allow younger, more vibrant cells to the surface. Of course, all skin is not created equally, so what works for the tough, thick skin of your heels and elbows is probably too aggressive for your face.




Enhancements 2When it comes to achieving healthy-looking, clear, foundation-free skin, even the most rigorous clinical skincare routines can take time to show results. So, use a treat-and-protect product that offers both immediate and long-term skin-enhancing benefits with patent-pending RFp3 technology (peptides that are Skin Soothing and Skin Detoxifying). It helps to shield against biological and environmental aggressors, provides broad-spectrum SPF 20 sun protection, and immediately evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of redness with light-deflecting minerals. Available in Light, Medium, and Bronze.

Enhancements Mineral Peptides