Customized Medication Management Programs

Improving Health and Saving Money

  • Are you taking numerous medications and seeing a variety of health care providers?medication management
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’ve gotten worse (with additional symptoms) since adding new medications?
  • And is it confusing to keep them all straight and to remember which to take, when, and how to take them all?
  • Do you feel like you’re spending too much money on healthcare each month, between your various doctor appointments and prescription medications?

I know exactly how you feel! It’s a common challenge among many adults. The costs, potential drug interactions and confusion about how to most effectively take the medication are very common issues.

My own parents struggled with the same exact thing for years. That experience fueled my personal passion to help solve the challenge, not only for my family, but for others as well. I treat all my clients’ as if I was treating my own family.

Medication management can improve your health and save you money. You can feel better and be on less medication. You can be confident in exactly what you’re taking and how to take it. You can eliminate duplication of medication and save money.

You’re needing individualized support to help save you money and feel better. Because you’ve tried talking to your local pharmacist, but they didn’t seem to have the time for you. Or you talked to your doctor, but they just added yet another medication to help combat some of your symptoms and feelings.

medication managementThe bottom line is that I’m committed to helping improve your life and help you feel great. I have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and am a Clinical Pharmacist. I expanded my knowledge through obtaining a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) license and a Medication Therapy Management Certification. And I’m dedicated to giving you the service and value that you deserve.



Let’s get started.

1. We’ll talk about your concerns, medical history and current medications in person or over the phone (or skype.)

2. Within a week, I’ll provide a detailed medical analysis, with medication list and recommendations. The analysis will identify any therapeutic duplications, ways to save money, drug interaction profiles, and education on your disease state. Our focus is on decreasing possible health risks and helping you feel better.

3. I’ll follow up a month later to monitor your improvement and to answer any follow-up questions.

The investment begins at $100.

To get started, or to find out more information, either email me at or enter your information below: