Improving Health and Saving Money Through Customized Health and Corporate Wellness Programs

(for small to medium-sized businesses)

If you’re a business leader or HR professional, you know the importance of boosting morale and helping employees feel valued. And you also recognize the need for productive, healthy employees.

Yet, you have so many responsibilities and a super long to-do list. You know that some sort of wellness program is vital, but you haven’t found the time to make this a priority and you’re not sure exactly where to start. It seems like an overwhelming, time-consuming project!

Over recent years, you may have been forced to cut back on your healthcare spending dollars. Which is completely understandable due to recent healthcare reform! But you still want to show your employees that you care and you want to make a positive impact on their lives, as well as the business.

With the changes in healthcare, the focus of the entire industry is more on prevention and wellness. And your company might even have wellness dollars to spend this year, but it’s hard to know what to do with it and how to get your greatest bang for your buck. You’d like to use those dollars to benefit both the employees AND the company, as well as achieving a return on your investment.

That’s where I come in. I’ll find out your company’s specific needs and provide you with the perfect, customized corporate wellness programs to meet your wellness goals. My commitment is to provide you with the greatest value, with only a minimal amount of time and effort on your part.

My solution will focus on:corporate wellness programs

  • Improving your employees’ health. As employees get healthier, their absenteeism decreases, their productivity levels increase, and their personal healthcare spending decreases.
  • Increasing employee morale. People appreciate working for companies that invest back in their employees. Health and wellness programs like these have been known to reduce employee turnover and increase longevity and employee loyalty.
  • Saving both the individuals and the company money. Employees love the fact that they don’t have to take off work and pay to go to the doctor to access this critical health information. They love the ease of it all. And most companies see a reduction in overall healthcare costs and less sick days.

Your solution will be customized to your specific needs and goals, which might include:

Health Risk Assessments. I will come onsite and meet with each employee to assess their biometric information and do their bloodwork (finger stick; including a glucose and cholesterol panel (Total, HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides), and blood pressure). Employees will receive their confidential results within 2 days via email. I’ll be available by email or phone to answer their specific health questions.

Management will receive an unidentified, aggregate report summarizing the current health of the employee population. These reports are helpful for many reasons. Some health insurance companies would like to see proof that you offer this type of service. Your company might choose to invest some healthcare dollars in educating employees on some of the disease states that some of its employees struggle with. And companies who invest yearly in wellness initiatives, would like to see some year-over-year improvement.

Quarterly Lunch and Learns. Many companies like to offer quarterly lunch and learns to educate, empower and motivate employees in living healthier. Topic examples may include: stress management, workplace health, lifestyle/ habits changes, etc…

Medication Management Sessions. For those employees who take a number of medications, there might be redundancies or interactions which might be costing them extra money and keeping them from feeling good. [Click here to learn more about this service.] This assistance can be paid for by the company or the employee.

Disease-State Management. For those employees who are struggling health wise, they can receive individual assistance to get back on the road to optimal health. [Click here to learn more about this service.] This assistance can be paid for by the company or the employee.

Plus, other value-added services. Design and manage employee wellness challenges and educate employees through brochures, newsletters and how-to-videos.

The bottom line is that I’m committed to improving the health of your employees and helping you save money. I have the passion, education and experience. I have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and am a Clinical Pharmacist. I expanded my knowledge through obtaining a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) license and a Medication Therapy Management Certification. And I’m dedicated to giving you the service and the value that you deserve, just as I have with other companies in the Triangle since 2012.

Let’s get started. Simply click here to contact me! (Or you can reach me at (919) 801-0849 or I’m looking forward to talking about your specific needs and goals.